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Jerrie Hildebrand

The magic of the witch is not solely good, nor solely bad. It is a mixture of both. As in life nature can be both kind and cruel; the seekers of magic reading this page must be responsible for the good or bad they cause in their lives and in the lives of others.  This page is here to supply educated individuals with the tools they need to work their will. Our place in Salem is not to judge what is good or bad; that is up to the witch who uses these spells. Our goals are to simply tender magic knowledge and supply you with the tools to earn your own blessings or lessons as you choose.

A short lesson in Spell Casting
The secret to effective spell casting is intention. The Witches of Salem know that they must first fuel their spells with a will of iron. The will must be strong for Witchcraft to work. Once the Witch's will is fixed on a certain subject, he must then mix with his willpower the molten essence of his emotion. Willpower and emotion when combined properly create a vibrational pattern of energy in mind known as the alpha state. Once at your deepest levels of mind, you can cast this energy to work your bidding. The spells on this page change with time, and are fashioned with proper instructions on how to use them to unlock your unlimited potential as a Witch.

I have personally charged each spell, charm, talisman, and magical tool to assist you in crafting the arts of Witchery. I have often been sought out for my spells and charms by other Salem Witches, including Laurie Cabot and Lilith McLelland. Even local pagans like Jerrie Hildebrand have sat at Shawn's feet in order to learn the effective arts of spell casting to empower who they are in the world. Magic touches everyone. Whether pagans like Jerrie Hildebrand, Witches like Laurie Cabot, or you, the reader of this page, the power of The Salem Witch lives within each of us to weave our lives into beautiful tapestry.

These potions and charms are “Old School Witchery” and do not follow the postulated laws and self-gratifying commandments of the Wiccan movement which itself is a rather recent ideology. These potions are recommended for real Witches who are not afraid to do what it takes to manifest their will in order to get what they want.