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I have been offering psychic readings to clients for over 20 years, since I was sixteen years old. I have been studying the arts of magic and psychic awareness from the earliest years of my memory, when my grandmother began teaching me the old ways of divination. It was at her kitchen table where I would sit and learn as a small child. By candle light, the cards would glide from her hands, each one telling of things to come, places to be seen, and people that I would meet. Golden light seemed to fill each word of wisdom as she peered into the past of her friends; family, and those select few who found her. She would often say that a good psychic can see into the past as well as into the present and future. I respect the gift she gave me, and carry it proudly. I am also a skilled medium, reaching beyond the veil of spirit to contact those who have passed over. People I read for are often touched by messages and memories of those who have passed on.

I have often worked with police departments throughout the New England area, helping to solve crimes. There are documented cases where my psychic evidence has helped. In all of my readings my spiritual contacts assist me in finding the best way of dealing with life’s challenges. A good pyschic reading can uncover hidden obstacles and warning signs, bringing to light new outlooks by which these situations can be worked through. Each of my readings is personal to the seeker, and speaks to the heart, shedding wisdom’s light on matters of mind, body and soul. Readings open the opportunity for new creative choices for those who seek them.

Tarot Readings
The tarot holds hidden symbols and keys, which, in the hands of a mind trained in the psychic senses, can unlock mysteries that have yet to unfold. My clients almost always choose a tarot reading as their first consultation with me, as it is a popular form of divination and can often put a new seeker at ease. I will use the Tarot to to identify the patterns of your life as seen through the dance of the cards and how they influence the situations that you encounter. It is in gleaning this wisdom, through the doorways of the psychic mind, that we can master that dance.

Past Life Reading
Each of us sees life as though through a looking glass that is dimly lit. Lifetime after lifetime, we gain knowledge and wisdom. During a past life reading, I will go into trance and lift the veil of this present incarnation in order to see your past life that most effects what you are learning this time around. Often, the people in our lives are connected to us by countles past lives. We choose our families and friends, surrounding ourselves with those we knew before. The threads of time and space are the road for the souls journey that will lead us home and connect us all. I will assist you to understand and resolve issues that your may be carrying through. As modern psychology states, what is not resolved must be repeated.

Love Reading
To be safe in another's arms and heart is a treasure that most of us seek. To be truly known by another is a value more precious than gold. To not be lonely, or separate is what we are after here. I use psychic mind to seek out the best for your love live, the joining of people on this level is one the greatest gifts from the universe. It is pure magick. Love is a choice not a feeling. This can help you and your relationship overcome issues, lending peace of mind to the affairs of your heart. A love reading will reward you with understand and give you the courage to take the next step. The reading will help you with changes in love, and show you better choices for you make. I also look at the depth of your psychic connection you share with others. Love readings help you to attune to your love one's level of feeling for you. Once the reading has happened a renewed sense of self provides you with a healthier expression of your sexuality and passion in your life.

Mediumship Consultation
Death is not the end but a door through which we will most pass. Energy can never be created or destroyed, but merely changes form. True Mediumship creates a love connection, a bridge if you will, for both the deceased and those who long to hear from them. Mediumship is the most sacred art of all spirituality. It offers us proof that our loved ones still watch over us, laugh with us, and cry with us. Great respect is provided when handling your session. My skills have directly connected those who are living with those who have crossed over to the other side. Each session is extremely personal and can be taped recorded. I am a trance Medium and can let the spirit world speak through me if they choose. Once we know that our ancestors still walk among us and guide us, our own lives change for the better.

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